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Carbon Steel Gate Valve

魂斗罗归来紫武器排行2018:Carbon Steel Gate Valve

魂斗罗归来限量礼包 Universal trim: 13Cr stem, wedge in CA 15 or 13Cr faced, and alloy seat API Trim 8 suitable for applications up to 850°F (454°C).

E-mail: [email protected]
Mob: +8615068285212
Tel: +86-577-67354396

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Universal trim: 13Cr stem, wedge in CA 15 or 13Cr faced, and alloy seat API Trim 8 suitable for applications up to 850°F (454°C).


● Seat face alloy hardfaced, ground and lapped to a mirror finish.
● Flexible wedge with low center stem wedge contact, in solid CA15 (13Cr)or hardfaced with 13Cr, SS 316, Monel or alloy. Wedge is ground and lapped to a mirror finish and tightly guided to prevent dragging and seat damage. alloy hardfaced CF8M wedge is also available.
● Non-rotating stem with precision Acme threads and burnished finish. Double Acme for faster operation.
● Body and bonnet joint accurately machined. 
● Body and bonnet castings are precision machined. One-piece bonnet up to NPS 12 (DN 300) for better alignment and fewer parts.
● Flanges: ASME Classes 150–300: 1⁄16” raised face. 

ASME Classes 600–1500: 1⁄4” raised face. 

Finish 125–250 AARH for all valves

● Rotating stem nut is Austenitic ductile iron Gr. D-2C renewable in line (as shown). Thrust bearings are supplied as follows: ASME Classes 150–300: NPS 10–12 (DN 250–300), 1 bearing (top), NPS 16 (DN 400) and up, two bearings, ASME Classes 600–1500: NPS 6 (DN 150) and up




Body and Bonnet:

Bodies and bonnets are high quality cast and afterwards precisely machined, directing the attention to prevent stress concentration.

The bodies of carbon steel gate valves consist of a straight through port that guarantees minimal turbulence and resistance to flow. In both designs, bolted bonnet and pressure seal, the bodies consist of guide slots to accommodate the wedge during opening or closing of the valve.

Bonnets are made either of one piece only- the yoke then being an integral part of it- or have two pieces, depending on the size of the carbon steel gate valve. This ensures the perfect alignment with the body what leads to an accurate opening and closing.


Design Features

Design standard: API 600.

Small flow resistance for fluid

Only a small force is required for opening/closing.

No limitation on the flowing direction of the medium

During opening and closing process, the friction between the disc wedge and the seat is small, so the sealing is reliable ensuring tightness and long service life.

The valve is designed in a back-seat structure.

The valve stem sealing is realized by the collaboration of flexible and woven graphite. ensuring a more reliable tightness.

Optional pressure seal bonnet type.

Optional solid-wedge type

Optional non-rising stem structures

Optional jacket structure




Product Range

Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel

Nominal diameter:2"~52"

Pressure range: Class150~2500LB

End connection: RF, RTJ, BW

Working temperature:-29℃~+560℃


Mode of operation: Hand wheel, Gear Box, Electric Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator, etc.




Valve   Type

Carbon Steel Gate Valve

Valve   Material

Cast steel, stainless steel, special alloy, etc

Valve   Test

100% quantity tested before delivery

Valve   Guarantee

18 months from the date of dispatch ex works, or 12 months from date of commodity installation.

Valve   Painting

Customer request

Valve   Package

Wooden case


No requirement

Valve   Certificate

API 6D/CE/ISO9001/ISO14001

Delivery   Detail

Shipped in 4 or 6 weeks after payment



Payment   Terms


Certificate Offered

Packing List,Commercial Invoice,Test Reports and Material Certificates, Certificate of quality and quantity, Seller’s Certificate of Guarantee




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