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Carbon Steel Gate Valve
May 11, 2019

      Carbon Steel Gate Valve

Gate valve is a kind of common mechanical parts, which is widely used in production and life. It is an important mechanical product for the vigorous development of China's industry. It is closely related to people's production and life. The research and design of gate valve can greatly accelerate the development of China's national economy and national defense construction.

The production history of gate valves in our country has been developed for decades. More and more manufacturers of gate valves have designed more and more gate valves, and the types of gate valves have become more and more abundant. In the past, there were only a few dozen manufacturers in our country, but now there are thousands of manufacturers. There are more and more tens of hundreds of gate valve models, which have developed to tens of thousands now. It can be said that they have developed rapidly. Nevertheless, there is still a certain gap between domestic gate valve technology and international level. Many excellent gate valve designs still need to be introduced from abroad. However, Chinese manufacturers are still unwilling to give up and vigorously research and develop on the basis of the original domestic. I believe that in the near future, our gate valve manufacturing technology will stand at the top of the world.

Gate valve is a fluid control element, which has small resistance to fluid and wide application range of pressure and temperature. Its main function in fluid pipeline system is to cut off or connect pipeline medium, prevent fluid reflux, regulate flow rate, regulate and discharge pressure. Because of the different physical and chemical properties of the controlled fluid, the specifications and types of gate valve are different. The gate valve has simple function, and can only turn on and off the medium in general.

When designing gate valve, the design of sealing surface is very important. The gate valves can be divided into wedge gate valves and parallel gate valves according to the different forms of sealing surfaces. Wedge gate valves are divided into single gate valves and double gate valves. Generally speaking, the sealing performance of gate valves is very important, and the quality of sealing directly determines whether the gate valves are qualified or not. If fluid leakage occurs, it may cause environmental pollution, economic losses, and even human casualties, which is very dangerous.

In design, not only the sealing performance of gate valve sealing surface should be considered, but also the mechanical strength, stiffness, manufacturing process and wear of the selected materials, as well as the physical and chemical problems such as fluid temperature, pressure, corrosion and so on.

Because of the importance of gate valve production and life, this design is designed on these physical and chemical issues.

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