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Gear Operated Gate Valve
May 14, 2019

Gear Operated Gate Valve

gear operated gate valve is a kind of mechanical component that controls the movement of fluid through the gate of opening and closing parts. The direction of movement of gate is perpendicular to the direction of movement of fluid. Generally, it can only control the whole opening and closing of fluid. Because the physical and chemical properties of the fluid need to be controlled are different, the specifications of gear operated gate valve used for fluid control are also different. There are many kinds of gear operated gate valve, and their selection needs to be based on different environmental requirements.

When the gear operated gate valve closes, the sealing surface can press the sealing surface of the gate plate to the seat on the other side to form self-sealing through the action of medium pressure. Many gear operated gate valve are also forced to seal, through external forces such as manpower, motor, etc. to force the gate to the seat for sealing.

There are many types of valves used in places with different pressure, temperature, medium and other conditions. gear operated gate valves, carbon steel globe valves and cast steel floating ball valves are the main types of valves. A valve has different diameters and dimensions of its inner parts. The physical and chemical properties of its materials are also different. There are also different processing methods for its inner parts, which can be cast and forged. Because of the various local environments in which valves are used in production and life, the types of valves are different, so are their movement modes, media circulation forms and CV values.

In general, trapezoidal threads are installed on the stem of open-rod gear operated gate valve. The motion of gate and stem is changed into linear motion through nuts at the top of the valve and guide grooves on the valve body. That is to say, the rotational motion is changed into linear motion, and the torque is changed into thrust moment. In the process of valve opening, when the ratio of gate height to valve diameter is raised, the channel of fluid is completely open, which has no cut-off effect on medium fluid, but in the process of motion, the position of this ratio is invisible. Because the rise and fall of temperature may cause the stem to lock up, it is usually reversed when the stem is opened to the apex position, which is generally regarded as the full open position of the valve. So the full open position of the valve is confirmed by the position of the gate.

The sealing pair design of gear operated gate valve is very important. Generally, a qualified gear operated gate valve seal pair is good, when the gate is closed and opened, it will not cause leakage to the fluid medium in the transmission.

Gear operated gate valve design needs to be based on specific practical operation, design given parameters and relevant provisions, need to combine professional knowledge, design process should be calculated while drawing.

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