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RF Gate Valve
May 15, 2019

RF Gate Valve

RF Gate Valve is an important part of pressure pipeline. Because the function of the RF Gate Valve is special and the force is complex, the design standard of the pressure bearing parts of the RF Gate Valve has certain particularity. The research shows that the RF Gate Valve design based on sub-proportional failure criterion is accurate and feasible. Pressure components are safe only when they are completely in a sub-proportional state. The deformation state of the bearing parts is called sub-proportional state when the deformation of the bearing parts reaches half of the maximum proportional deformation due to force. The RF Gate Valve is subjected to medium pressure and extrusion force between sealing pairs.

RF Gate Valve body is generally cast, because of the complexity of shape, in recent years, compact casting is widely used for small and medium-sized valve body. Valve body and fluid pipeline system are mostly flanged connections, but also welded, there is a guide on the valve body is the stem lift guidance.

Width is the distance between the center line of the two sealing surfaces of the valve body, which is slightly smaller than the corresponding size thickness of the center of the valve plate, so that when the sealing surface is worn out, it can still ensure good contact of the sealing surface.

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