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Stainless Steel Gate Valve
May 17, 2019

Stainless Steel Gate Valve

Sealing pair design

In order to achieve zero leakage, save energy, protect environment and improve work efficiency, the Stainless Steel Gate Valve must have reliable sealing performance.

The sealing pair of the Stainless Steel Gate Valve refers to the part where the opening and closing parts contact with the seat for closing. The sealing surface is vulnerable to wear and tear during the sealing process, and the sealing performance decreases with the increase of the number of times used. In the use process, because the metal sealing surface and Stainless Steel Gate Valve are easily damaged by medium corrosion and erosion. So the material of valve seals must be corrosion resistant and erosion resistant. If none of these requirements can be met, the sealing surface can not be made of this material. The erosion of the medium will be greatly accelerated by corrosion. Similarly, although this material has a greater corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, it is also not suitable because of its poor scratch resistance. If the material with better performance is applied to ordinary Stainless Steel Gate Valve, the manufacturing cost is too high and the price is not applicable.

The sealing pair of the Stainless Steel Gate Valve is symmetrical in design. Due to the action of the stem, the same seal is formed at the inlet and outlet. Therefore, for general industrial requirements, one-sided forced seal is enough to meet, but the high-pressure system is difficult to meet.

Sealing surface materials need to meet the general strength, but also to meet the corrosiveness of the medium milk, so the choice of materials is also very important.

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